Project: Revenant is about a recently retired government agent who reluctantly agrees to be reinstated amidst the zombie apocalypse. When he is charged with finding out what caused the dead to come back to life and feed on the living, he has to find clues and piece together a cover-up that dates back almost twenty years. He has to use all his training, experience, and courage to go head-to-head with an enemy that shouldn’t even exist. Can he find out what caused the dead to rise? Or is it too late to do anything? He’ll soon find out.

They did a full background check on Lawrence. They focused on him the most because he was recently retired and they wanted to make sure that he didn’t sell secrets to the highest bidder. Once he was cleared, the UDIR agent who was processing him back into the agency gave Lawrence a UDIR identification card with his name, rank, and a letter-number that signified the level of security clearance. Lawrence received “A-9,” which meant his security clearance was “above top secret.” He has full access to all sorts of secret files, information, warehouses, bases, and facilities. He also had access to special weapons, vehicles (including asking and receiving transportation to anywhere he wanted or needed), as well as a direct line to the Secretary of the United Defense Intelligence and Response (UDIR). When the agent was finished reinstating Lawrence, he shook Lawrence’s hand and said, “Welcome back, Commander.”


Lawrence told the master sergeant, “Yes. All the evidence thus far shows that we are dealing with walking corpses, which leads to my next point. I’ve encountered these things firsthand. These things are slow-moving, unintelligent, and easily distracted. You can take down one of two on your own. But they tend to travel in hordes. When you come across a zombie, aim for its head. Anything else and you’re wasting ammo.


Lawrence turned on the car radio to listen to what the news had to say. The newscaster, who was in midsentence when Lawrence had turned on the radio, was saying, “Stay in your homes. Reports have confirmed that what is happening in New York has spread to parts of the tristate area. I repeat: what is happening in New York has spread to New Jersey and Connecticut. Stay in your homes. If you know anyone who is showing any of the following symptoms—fever, sweats, vomiting, and aggressive behavior, call the local authorities immediately.”

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